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WI: (262) 446-4431 IL: (773) 346-7000


Powder Metal

We represent a niche organization that has a proven track record for solving customer problems, on-time delivery & delivering consistently the best parts in the industry.  Our executive team has over 125 years of powder metal experience that we can share with our customers.  Our core competency is producing multi-level structural components to gears and locking components.  Our perfect part is something that has 2 levels of complexities and volumes that range from 25,000 – 500,000 pcs.


We specialize in tight tolerance sintered metal component parts.  Our diverse molding equipment allows for flexibility and repeatability throughout the plant.  Our max tonnage is 400 tons.


  • 90-10 Brass
  • 80-20 Brass
  • 70-30 Brass
  • 90-10 Bronze
  • Carbon Steels
  • Copper Steels
  • Soft Magnetic Irons
  • Stainless Steel