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Springs & Wire Forms

We have partnered with the industry leader in providing custom springs and wire forms. The combined talents of our engineering, manufacturing and customer service have culminated in 100% customer satisfaction and long-term client relationships.



  • Torsion Springs:  Custom Torsion Springs are produced from rectangular or round wire. It is more typical for a manufacturer to use round wire because of the premium cost of rectangular wire. Additionally, torsion springs are normally heat-treated at a low temperature to stabilize the end positions. These types of springs are used to apply a torque or store rotational energy and can also be referred to as helical springs.  The main application of torsion springs can be found in many day-to-day applications, such as clothespins, ratchets, window shades and other types of machine components.
  • Compression Springs:  The most prevalent form of a compression spring is a straight cylindrical spring. However, other forms such as conical, barrel, hourglass or cylindrical forms are available with custom spacing between coils.  The main application capability for compression springs is to store energy in the push mode or to resist applied compression forces. Compression springs are used in a variety of industries but are most commonly found in automotive, aerospace and consumer goods.
  • Extension Springs:  Typically made from round wire, extension springs are then close-wound for initial tension. The close-wound initial tension is the main difference between compression and extension springs production. Extension springs are mainly used in applications where springs need to store energy and exert a pulling force.  The main application of extension springs are commonly manufactured for applications in automatic washing machines, balance scales and other types of spring tensioning devices.

Wire Forming

Using the latest wire forming technologies, we manufacture all types of custom wire coils and wire-forming components. From custom D-Rings and S-Hooks to unique wire-bending shapes.  Our wire forming expertise offers component prototypes, fabrication, finishing, assembly and packaging. Plus rock-solid quality service and design engineering experience from our dedicated spring engineering and manufacturing team.