Your Source for Value-Added Aluminum Extrusions

February 29th, 2024

We offer a one-stop solution for value-added aluminum extrusions, focused inventory plans resulting in greater cost controls, quality improvement ideas due to extensive product and process knowledge, and lead time reduction utilizing our lean manufacturing principles.

Aluminum’s natural metallic and reflective appearance can add an aesthetically pleasing look to your assembly. Combine this with the seamless nature of extrusions, the complexity of the design, the corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum, and its ability to accept a wide range of finishes – aluminum extrusions offer advantages unmatched by other materials and processes.

Anodizing occurs within the aluminum, becoming an integral part of the surface. An anodized surface is durable, it does not peel, and it is resistant to corrosion. Anodizing prevents further oxidation from occurring and therefore extends the life of the product.