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June 6th, 2024

We have OPEN CAPACITY for your Precision Machining needs!!

Our mission is to ensure a smooth transition from your concept to full production. We have what it takes to quickly incorporate your design into a finished product…..from purchasing raw stock, performing all machining operations, welding, heat treating and plating, to final assembly of components ready for packaging.

Competitive Pricing & Quick Turnaround
Specializing in screw machine products and CNC precision machined products for over 75 years, our manufacturers provide high-quality precision parts and sub-assemblies for your prototype or production needs, at competitive prices with quick turnaround times.
Wide Array of Value-Added Offerings and Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machining
*Anodizing, Bending, Broaching, Fabricating, Flattening, Grinding, Heat Treating, Material Sourcing, Mechanical Assembly, Packaging, Painting, Washing, Plating, Threading, Welding*
We consider Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines to be the ultimate solution for production of high volume turned parts requiring secondary operations or machining on opposite internal ends of the part.